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David Lozano has a remarkable background, both professionally and personally, spanning over four decades of dedicated service to California and its citizens, where he is currently an accomplished and well-recognized attorney in state and federal court. David is a skilled and aggressive negotiator in business and personal finance, and a respected advisor to attorneys and law firms throughout the country.
He’s owned, managed, and operated his own law firm and several other law firms as a senior partner for more than 28 years. Though David has represented clients in areas ranging from criminal defense to civil contracts, he specializes in resolving complex financial cases. His work in this area has saved thousands of California residents’ homes from foreclosure, their businesses from closing, and their lives and careers from financial ruin. He is proud of these accomplishments, which have earned him the respect and gratitude of judges and U.S. Trustees throughout the Central and Eastern Districts of California.
Prior to becoming an attorney, David was a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff and a reserve police officer for the City of Monterey Park. He became a seasoned, highly experienced law enforcement officer through his training and working at one of the most dangerous areas of Los Angeles – South Central’s Lennox Sheriff Station in Watts, home to the notorious Crips and Bloods street gangs in the 1980s. David worked the station’s graveyard shift and was involved in making over 100 felony arrests, as well as being involved in numerous life-saving rescue operations and investigative crime teams that received several department commendations. David also worked at the inmate reception center (IRC) of the Men’s Central Jail in downtown L.A., Biscailuz Center, Sybil Brand Institute, the 13th Floor Jail Ward at the USC Medical Center, and Wayside Honor Ranch.

David earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at California State University, Los Angeles, where he was elected to the Student Body Council Board of Directors. He was also elected president of his college fraternity, Sigma Nu. David credits his fraternity brother and respected California politician Michael D. Antonovich for inspiring him to enter politics and to become a volunteer reserve police officer for the Monterey Park Police Department.

As an attorney, David had the honor of working for the great African-American criminal defense lawyer William “Bill” Moffitt (now deceased) in Washington D.C. and his associate Lisa Kemler, now a judge for the Alexandria Court of the 18th Circuit in Virginia. He also worked for the Honorable Frederick Rotenberg of the Superior Court of Los Angeles when the judge was in private practice. David has worked and traveled extensively throughout the world in countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Dubai, France, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Fiji, and Greece. By working in these countries and associating with people of different nationalities and cultures, David has gathered a broad range of experience and insight into how businesses, governments and societies merge and cooperate to find solutions to complex problems.
David has taken on character-building jobs and challenges throughout his entire professional career. He’s worked as an elementary and high school teacher in California and Connecticut, a professional sommelier and restaurateur, an international guest relations representative, an underwater dive instructor and explorer, and a union clerk. He recently began preparation to become a college professor of history, philosophy, sociology, criminology, economics, law, and political science. Through his career and academic achievements, David has built the knowledge, experience, and skills to govern, and most importantly, to lead.
David has been married to and inspired by, his wife Dawn for 30 years. Together, they manage to keep up with the school and sports activities of their teenage sons Christopher and William.

As a candidate for governor, David will fight for the causes, rights, and privileges of all our citizens so that they can once again enjoy and embrace the beauty, opportunity, and future of our Great State of California.