California needs a powerful leader with knowledge, experience, and solutions that address our state’s most pressing problems.

I am David Lozano, and I am that leader.

My career as a dedicated public servant of our state spans 40 years. I am a former Los Angeles County Sheriff and volunteer Reserve Police Officer with a distinguished 28-year career as a State and Federal attorney. I have worked directly with issues of homelessness, drug enforcement, mental health, and community safety, and I have fought for the economic rights of all Californians by saving their homes from foreclosure, their businesses from failure, and their lives from financial ruin.

I have worked abroad on five continents, studying how businesses, governments, and communities work together to find solutions to complex issues.

We need a leader who’ll serve our state, not a political agenda – one who believes in a better California for all of us, and a plan to achieve it.

I’m asking you to believe in California’s future by voting for me for Governor on September 14.

David Lozano offers real solutions.
End Homelessness
David is the only candidate who’ll enter office on day one with a plan to end homelessness – a project he calls “A New Hope” – in two years or less.
Implement Police Reform
David “wrote the book” on Police Reform a decade ago, and his solutions are ready to be implemented and return the trust in our police officers.
Affordable Housing
David has created a remarkable and innovative plan which will change the real estate market as we know it today and make housing affordable for every Californian.
David’s Platform
A vote for David Lozano is a vote for immediate action. David will bring the biggest issues facing our state to the forefront of our Legislature, fighting for measures that will make California the nation’s most secure, safe, and desirable place to live, work and raise a family.
Job Opportunities
David will build a financial infrastructure that will ensure stability and confidence.
David will eliminate high taxes, beginning with SB1, reducing gas prices by .51 per gallon.
California’s economy and diversity depend on immigration, but it must be legal.
We will create an atmosphere of business prosperity and investment unlike anything else.
David will introduce a plan that offers full health care coverage for all Californians.
Water Management
Simple. We begin by implementing delivery of every known source of water supply we can imagine.
Meet David Lozano
David Lozano’s remarkable background spans 40 years of dedicated service to California and its citizens, currently as an accomplished and well-recognized attorney in state and federal court. David is a skilled and aggressive negotiator in business and personal finance, and a respected advisor to attorneys and law firms throughout the country. He’s owned, managed, and operated his own law firm and several other law firms as a senior partner for more than 28 years.

The Election is

Tuesday, September 14, 2021